20170517_131609-01-1Hello everyone and welcome to my little healthy corner!

My name is Katarina, I’m 33, originally from Serbia, married with an amazing man from Latin America and ¬†we live in Tenerife,Spain. Together, we will present to you our beautiful creations.

I’m passionate of cooking, yoga, fitness, travel and discover all the different cuisine in every little get away.

Here on my blog you will find some bright and simple ideas of how to prepare some healthy, balanced  and delicious meals and some of my discovers while traveling.

There is nothing more inspiring for me than a fresh smoothie and a bowl of seeds, nuts and fruits in the morning before my daily exercises.

I designed this blog to support those who wish to change their diet or lifestyle trough my healthy recipes.

If you have any questions or suggestions they are welcome!

Thank you for visiting my site!