Papaya – Watermelon smoothie


Nothing better than a delicious and frozen smoothie to get refreshed in the hot summer days! Yaaaay! 🙂

Papaya is a juicy and sweet tropical fruit, is rich in antioxidant nutrients such as carotene, flavonoids and vitamin C, as well as vitamin B (folate and pantothenic acid). It is also a good source of fiber and minerals such as magnesium.

We live in a very tropical island and for this reason papaya and watermelon were found easily everywhere you went. It was a hot day and I didn’t have any juice left in my refrigerator in morning so made this delicious smoothie for my hubby’s breakfast. Its so delicious and nutritious and my husband liked it a lot. This combo was an accident you may say I had only fruits left in my fridge so I combined to make a delicious juice and a filling one. Lets move on to the delicious recipe of this quick and easy smoothie. 

I never add sugar in any of my smoothies and other recipes but if you like more sweet you can add some sweetener or Agave syrup, Maple syrup or honey. I also added a little bit of cinnamon because I just think it goes really well with papayas. But it is totally up to you. In case you don’t have papaya or it is difficult to find in your city, try to use mango. 


1/2 ripe papaya

5 large cubes watermelon

some pieces of pineapple

1 tbsp chia seeds

1/4 cup plant milk

Add the fruit to a blender and blend well, then add milk bit by bit to thin to your desired consistency and enjoy!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. This sounds super yummy! Definitely something to do with the leftover watermelon today! Check out my latest posts?
    Mena | ✨


    1. Thank you! I will check out your posts 🙂


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