Quick little bites

tabla-de-montaditos Photography by Alberto Maritato

Hello folks! How are you doing? I’m here again! Yes, you haven’t see me for a while and I want to apologize for that. I started a New year very active.  I changed  apartment and it was a bit stress full . Moving stuff around, buying new etc. Promise that I’m gonna be more active on my blog.

We invited our friends over to visit us and see our new place, so I decided to make some welcome snacks.

Our friends are mostly meat lovers so my mission was to make something healthy and tasty to take care of them  with a variety of different canapei and skewers mostly with veggies and fruits and some others with bacon and prosciutto ham. However in less than 10 minutes that plate was clean. They liked a lot! I was so happy!

For this little bites I used:

Prosciutto, grilled bacon, Italian salami, Gouda cheese, Emmental cheese cream, avocado, Guacamole, dried plum, Cherry tomato (red,green,yellow), green olives.

Post by Katarina Maritato


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