Summer in December


Hello beautiful people! How are you feeling today? Well, I decided to refresh my morning with this amazing salad and share my story with you.

In the past when I was living in Serbia I used to prepare this kind of salads in the mornings whenever the fruits were available on the market of course. I remember enjoying the flavor and thinking on warmer and sunny days, now that I live in warmer place like Tenerife is easier for me to find fresh fruit to prepare this salads more often than before

This salad contain 5 different kind of fruits like pineapple, melon, banana, orange and fig. It means that this mix giving to us enough vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and energy to start a day. Of course, it can be your daily snack. 

Pineapples are a delicious tropical fruit that have been celebrated for miraculous health benefits. It is a funny-looking fruit with a serious impact on health and has ability to improve respiratory health, cure coughs and colds, improve digestion, help you lose weight, strengthen bones, improve oral health, boost eye health, reduce inflammation, prevent cancer, increase heart health, improve the immune system, and increase circulation.

Banana. It is a common feature in breakfast menus, and it is definitely with good reason. It provides you instant energy to kick start your day, and is said to be very good for the stomach. The high content of potassium in bananas makes it a super fruit. This mineral helps in regulating heartbeat, blood pressure, and keeps the brain alert.

Melon has more to offer than a cool summer snack! These fruits are mostly eaten fresh as desserts but beside their soothing effects, melons has variety of health benefits: Anti- cancer properties, heart health, digestive health, energy booster, weight loss, skin benefits.

For this salad you don’t need spacial recipe just use your imagination and be creative. Fruits are topped with natural yogurt with chia seeds and pieces of dark chocolate gluten free. Have nice day! Big kiss

Posted by Katarina Maritato 

     Photography by Alberto Maritato


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