My asparagus soup


Ok, probably you have tried  many different kind of asparagus soup. Some of you maybe never. Well, I warmly recommend you to try. Why? 

This bright-green veggie is full of vitamins A, C, E, K and B6 then iron, calcium, fiber and protein. Thanks to all of this nutrients, asparagus can help you meet your weight-loss goals, keep your urinary tract happy, assists digestion, keep your bones healthy, has anti-aging properties, good for healthy hair, can prevent cancer and also to prevents birth defects.

Now you know why is good to eat this adorable veggie. Just love them!

My soup contain  pumpkin so it means more vitamins, antioxidants,… Eating this soup you will feel better,look younger, more energized but most important you will prepare it very fast. Enjoy in delicious taste and have more time for yourself! Bon Apetit!


  • 1 pocket of asparagus (100 gr aprox.)
  • 1 carrot
  • piece of pumpkin (50gr aprox.)
  • 2 clove of garlic 
  • sea salt,pepper and parsley

Use a pot for a soup and start with frying garlic on olive oil.When garlic is half fried add  water (1 lit.). Chop all the vegetables and put into the water to cook. After 15-20 min. use a blender stick to make it in puree.If you like you can add a bit of vegetalcream to make it compact. In the end add the spices and leave it 5 min. more to cook in low fire.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. jlstanding says:

    This may have to be my next soup venture! Looks amazing!


  2. Slavica Todorovic says:

    Vracam se sa posla gladna…. Citam sto pises i ne mogu da odolim. Mmmmmm predivno je!

    Pusem na srpskom, citam na engleskom, a razmisljam na italijanskom 😉

    p.s. Ljubim na francuskom 🙂



    1. Hvala i draga moja! Uzivaj u receptima ako treba dodatno objasnjenje tu sam. A ja cu da uzivam u tom francuskom poljupcu!😃😘


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